Working Smarter Together



Leadership & Influence – Being a collective influence to achieve mutual goals

    • Providing better services to residents.

SCALE IS Leadership and Influence/SCALE IS Working:

    • Unified transportation plan
    • Unified economic development, land use and transportation plan charter.
      • Lead to SmartLink and expanded transit services
    • Equipment sharing
  • Directly results in better services for residents. Seems simple, but other jurisdictions don’t do this.



Innovation & Education – Thinking outside the box to solve problems

  • Saving taxpayers money (over $2M to date)

SCALE IS Innovation and Education/SCALE IS Smarter:

  • Regional Public Safety Training Facility
    • Each city can’t afford to do their own training facility
  • SCALE University
    • Provides joint training and continued education for elected officials  and staff across the County
  • County wide fiber optics
    • Scott County is the first county to do this.



Relationships & Partnering – Sharing resources to increase efficiencies

  • Eliminating duplication

SCALE IS Relationships and Partnering/SCALE IS Together:

  • Crisis/Emergency management
    • Came out of a real life scenario. Enhanced communication system and network because we pool our resources.
  • First Stop Shop
    • Working for a common community development effort
  • Social Host Ordinance
    • Benefit from having everyone on same page
  • Road construction funding
    • Obtained letters of support which led to more funding